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war of currents, AC vs DC

Sometimes it is worth of looking back to see the path forward

In the beginning of electric era in the early 1880’s, there was “a War of Currents” between famous inventors Nikola Tesla (AC) and T.A.Edison (DC). AC-technology was taken as the general electrical distribution standard, due to transformer innovations of Nikola Tesla.

Due to technological development, times have changed and electricity distribution is now being undertaken also with the DC-links. “the War of Currents” has started again...

Furture is on direct current

New developments in DC-technology have emerged and it is accelerated by the ‘Cleantech’ ideology. Renewable energy sources produce typically DC-electricity. Fintras Green Energy Networks support the effective use and distribution of renewable energy.

In lighting business, LED-solutions are dominating the markets in all environments. It is important to remember that LED is an DC-component and it can be utilized effectively as a part of a DC-distribution network.

Think about reliable high quality lighting system that can deliver energy efficiency and that can be directly supplied with renewable energy sources. It is called Fintras LOISTAVA DC-system.

LOISTAVA power center
LOISTAVA system scheme


The LOISTAVA-systems that Fintras has developed, are new building electrical distribution systems that revolutionize LED-lighting technology, with superior energy efficiency and longer lifespan.

In the LOISTAVA-system, LED-lights are fed directly with DC-electricity and thus, problematic electronic power supplies become obsolete. Systems consists of centralized DC-power supply, control center and LED-lights. The bigger the system is, the more economical it is.


DC-systems build with LOISTAVA-technology are in the heart of ‘Cleantech’ and use directly DC-electricity provided by renewable energy sources.

Such suitable installation environments are building lighting systems, including large industrial buildings, aviation hangars, hospitals, schools and other disturbance-free lighting environments. The LOISTAVA Systems have also competitive edge in street lighting, ship building and hydroponic vegetation industry.



  • superior energy efficiency
  • distrubance free
  • long lifetime, economical maintenance
  • best friend of renewable energy
  • ecological, very small carbon foot print